Arkham Tattoo Oxford


Want to know more about getting a tattoo? Check out the ‘frequently asked questions’ below:

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

At Arkham Tattoo Oxford you have to be at least 18 years old.
However, if you look under 21 years old we will need to see some identification.

Does it hurt?

Pain is really relative!
Everyone feels pain differently. Getting a tattoo does hurt, but not that much. Some people have described it as a “hot scratching feeling”. But, people would not be returning again and again for tattoo after tattoo if it hurt that bad!

How long does it take?

That depends on what you are getting!
Larger, more detailed tattoos obviously take longer than smaller ones. A small tattoo can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. Generally, at Arkham we limit single sessions to a maximum of 6 hours before you would have to come back another day. But everyone is different.

How much does getting a tattoo cost?

A difficult question to answer!
The price of a tattoo varies depending on how long it takes to complete. Here at Arkham Tattoo there is a minimum charge of £40, and sleeves are charged at £60 per hour. We do complete out-of-hours work (evenings and Sundays) but we charge an extra cost for this.
The best thing to do is contact us with your ideas and we’ll work out the cost.

Is there any special after care required?

There are some things you should bear in mind!
After we have finished your tattoo we will provide you with an after care sheet providing you with useful information. However, it is worth pointing out that after getting a tattoo you need to stay out of the sun and the swimming pool. Also if the tattoo is on your foot we recommend taking 3 days off work to allow it to heal.